La Femme – Psycho Tropical Berlin

It hasn’t been long since La Femme crashed into the music doors: they released their first EP back in 2010 and another two in 2011 and on February this year, with a couple singles in the meantime; Psycho Tropical Berlin is this French group’s début, released on 8th April, through Barclay/Universal.

People who have known about them will be familiar with the record, since 7 out of the 14 tracks in the LP were released in their previous exhibition works or as singles.
These tracks, however, were either updated or mixed, and it doesn’t make Psycho Tropical Berlin any less genial.

In the new record, La Femme bring back psychedelic cold wave from the 80s, mixing it to surf-punk and French electro-pop. They also incorporate German techno synths and keyboard riffs very well, creating an early-80s ambiance with pop shifts.
All these references and the catchy, repetitive melodies blend into a charming and extravagant French pop that will have you in your dancing shoes.


1. Anti Taxi
2. Amour dans le Motu
3. Packshot
4. La Femme
5. Interlude
6. Hypsoline
7. Saisis la corde
8. Les blues de Françoise
9. It’s time to wake up
10. Nous étions deux
11. La Femme ressort
12. Si un jour
13. From Tchernobyl with Love
14. Sur la planche 2013
15. Welcome America

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