Introducing: Her Harbour “Petunia” & “Phinn’s”

“Her Harbour is an ever growing collection of contemporary folk songs by Gabrielle Giguere.” (I stole that line from many sites.) She has 2 songs posted on Soundcloud and one of those songs, Petunia, is also on Bandcamp. At this time, neither song is available for download. However, you can stream them on either site or here until your heart’s content.

Petunia: If Haley Bonar, Regina Spektor, and Beth Orton had a love-child-song that would be Petunia. Petunia is a beautiful simple song that weaves in and out of harmony like a early spring breeze over the desolate winter frost-bitten Earth. I’ve listened to this song many many times and I keep debating what the song is about. If you go to her Bandcamp you can read the lyrics and come up with your own theory. I won’t tell you my speculations so I don’t spoil your own interpretation.

Phinn’s: I really like the minimalist approach of this song and how it highlights Giguere’s voice. When she sings “Black coffee and the morning spins” I actually get goosebumps, but when her voice carves out the “the gale I call my heart” I think my stomach leaps into my chest.

I need to start a writing campaign to introduce her to Julie Peel and hopefully get her on Peel’s Bedroom Sessions, which is on hiatus at the moment. It’ll be back and when it comes back I hope Her Harbour is one of the many talented folks showcased.

 Phinn’s by Gabrielle Giguere

Petunia by Gabrielle Giguere

Connect with Her Harbour: Web | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | MySpace

About Her Harbour/Gabrielle Giguere (freshly swiped from her website):

I am a Montreal born, Ottawa raised singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I have studied both Contemporary and Jazz vocals. I play a variety of traditional instruments including the Autoharp, Piano, Guitar and Baritone Ukulele. More recently, I have found great interest in blending those instruments with textural sounds that I draw from vocal layering, keyboards, bowed crystal glasses, singing bowls, bells and various household objects.

I perform live under the moniker “Her Harbour” with Tyler Bell (Electric Guitar) and André M. Bluteau (Percussions, Keyboard, Vocals).

I am also a member of Boys of Bytown an all girls Folk ensemble. This fall we were awarded a recording grant by the Ontario Council of Arts and began recording our first album this January.




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