Introducing/Free Music: Clones of the Queen – 2 EPs

You can download 2 EPs from Clones of the Queen’s on bandcamp below. They’re both free and the live album offers 2 great songs that you won’t get on Gate so download them both or you’ll be sorry (really really sorry). I’ve also included an awesome video below. All I have to say about the video is: straight-up vodka, blood, and sex. What the hell more could you ever want? (well, maybe change the guys to girls and that would be sweet!)

Clones of the Queen (“COTQ”) are an ambitious band who claim to be influenced by The Knife, Animal Collective, School of Seven Bells, and Broadcast. All fucking fantastic bands, right? Hell yeah. So what does COTQ sound like? COTQ‘s dreampop electronic sounds weaves through me as though I’m drowning in clear water and lead singer Ara Laylo is the siren effortlessly moving between the currents convincing me to keep sinking. Both of the free albums offered have a date stamp of 2010 and their site promises hot-shit to come out in 2012. I have no clue what their next album will sound like but based on the first EP and the live EP I have no doubt that it won’t be awesome. The great thing about a band like COTQ is that they will likely continue to hone their skills and improve their sound. It can only get better!

Songs I dig:

From Live at Loft – I’m quite fond of Forest (see the video below) and Heartbeats (The Knife cover). Forest is hauntingly delicious and did I mention the fucking awesome video below? Watch it. Their cover of Heartbeats is actually really good and kudos to them for having the balls to cover The Knife.

From Gate – I like the menacing sound and feel of Chase and the anxious vibe behind Talisman. For some reason Gate as a whole makes feel as though I’m draped in a red velvet lounger frozen in a neon-diseased Japanese chic bar watching drunk business men pick-up girls that look like Natsuki Kuga. (It’s probably because I’m reading 1Q84.)


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Listen to ‘Live at Loft’:

Listen to ‘Gate’:


NOTE: Bandcamp only allows artists limited free downloads. If the download is no longer offered for free please consider providing your support to the musician by paying for the music.


About Clones of the Queen (freshly swiped from their website):

Clones of the Queen, abbreviated ‘COTQ’ or just ‘Clones’, is a three-piece band based in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. The band started jamming together in the summer of 2009 in an old bank vault above a coffee shop. With Ara Laylo on lead vocals, Paul Bajcar on guitar, and Matthew McVickar on electronics, the trio delivers songs that are at once ambient and spirited, combining strong vocals, stormy percussion, and heavily-effected guitar lines and synth loops. Clones of the Queen derive their band name from the ant species Mycocepurus smithii, in which every individual is a genetic duplicate of the queen. The band is currently playing shows in Honolulu, self-released their debut EP in December 2010, and are working on a follow-up LP for January 2012.

The trio has been the main support for many visiting bands, opening for MenomenaDiploToro Y Moi,Little Dragon, and Warpaint, for whom they opened at Aloha Tower on the opening night of Hallowbaloo 2011, Honolulu’s yearly three-day Halloween music and street festival.

They have played every one of downtown Honolulu’s nighttime hotspots, the Hard Rock Cafe Waikiki, and been asked to play at the Honolulu Academy of Arts and theContemporary Museum of Honolulu multiple times for special events.

The band has had dozens of write-ups in local newspapers (both the Star Advertiser and the Honolulu Weekly), and was named as the Best Band in Honolulu by the Boston Phoenix for their yearly Best New Bands in America feature in 2011.

Matthew McVickar, producer and live electronics player in the band, produced the score for the Hawaii International Film Festival 2011 trailer, remixing taiko drummer of international renown Kenny Endo. As a solo artist, he has opened for Classixx and Baths and released an EP of his own in August 2011. In January 2012 Matthew won one of six qualifying rounds forBeatroot, a Honolulu beat battle, and will compete in the finals in April.

Kick-Ass Video:

Clones of the Queen: Forest from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.

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