Introducing: Ainslie Wills: “Fighting Kind”

You can check out Ainslie Wills’ first single from their upcoming debut album “You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine” on Soundcloud below!

5 second review: She might be Australian, but her soul is rooted in New Orleans. Fighting Kind is the heartbeat of mist as it whimpers deep within Louisiana’s swamplands. The bluesy folk sound will reach right inside of you and pull down into its chanting inferno.

Now I need to go and download previous songs! Special thanks to Phia for recommending the song.

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Listen now:
Fighting Kind by Ainslie Wills


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About Ainslie Wills (swiped from the website):

Band Members: Ainslie Wills, Lawrence Folvig, Arron Light, Nat Lewis, Jules Pascoe

Melbourne-Melodist Ainslie Wills is more eloquent at singing than speaking… music is her language.

She screamed her lungs out at rod laver arena in 1997 when she witnessed the king of pop in action, albeit M.J being the size of an ant.

The song that she wants played at her funeral, it’s an instrumental called ‘Sleepwalk‘ played by Santo and Johnny which she first heard on film ‘La Bamba’.

Her nick name is ‘puddle’ and rarely gets called that as most people call her ‘Ains’, and while we are on the subject, the spelling of her name A. I. N. S. L. I. E even though people wished it were spelled Ainsley, Ainslee, Ainsleigh, Anle, Ansel or Annalise.

She studied music after high school at the Victorian College of the Arts where she met ‘jazz’ and lots of really amazing musicians.

To make her live sound complete, Wills is joined on stage by one,two or four others musical humans and therefore has many different versions of the same songs, depending on the type of show.

She is also joined on stage by an ageing Rhodes electric piano who’s birthdate is circa 1977 and who goes by the name of ‘Beverly’.

She is distantly related to ‘Dame Nellie Melba‘ the Australian opera singer although she didn’t follow down the same musical path – not that there is anything wrong with opera.

She made her film debut in 1992 in a movie filmed in her home town called ‘Lex and Rory’, a film which I am sure you have all seen.

She and her musical companion Lawrence Folvig won best soundtrack for the 15/15 short film festival 2010 for a film made by Jem Selig and Laura Woodward called ‘Perforation‘.

Wills, these days can be found in North Melbourne writing and recording songs for her next release, whatever form that comes in.


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