Introducing: Pocket Vinyl “Monsters Talking” LP

Monster’s Talking is Pocket Vinyl’s sophomore album and is available via bandcamp. You can also download both albums via iTunes.

I found Pocket Vinyl through finding the art work of Elizabeth Jancewicz. When I first heard the album I didn’t stop playing it. Ok, that’s a lie.  I became absolutely obsessed with one song (A Little Joke) and realized I was playing it non-stop forgetting I owned the album. It’s such a great song! I couldn’t help it.

About the music:

As Eric Stevenson says, it really is “Piano-Slamming Rock”. Between you and me, it’s fucking awesome. I am a big advocate of the piano and even bigger fan when the piano mind-fucks the drums. I am especially fond of Stevenson’s voice that it is both smooth and harsh. After listening to the songs well over a 100 times collectively, I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship with Stevenson’s vocals. His voice is so soothing and calm. Then, as if I ever doubted he could truly rock it out, he rips a new hole in my ass and I can’t get enough of it. I like it so much. Stevenson finds the delicate balance between being a whiskey bar piano man and a rockstar. Each song is packed full of emotion and deserves to be listened through enough times to completely grasp both the lyrics, the notes, and the emotions.

I’m not going to break the album down per song because I don’t think VolumeCity wants another book written about an album. So let me just make a few album shout outs:

I Hear Colors: Apart from being a great song, I actually have a connection to this one. I was one of many who participated in a study for people who see color when they hear music. The study ended up breaking it down to specific notes on specific instruments to hone in the color. That aside, it is a very catchy song.

A Little Joke: I’m not going to lie – I’m addicted to this song. So addicted, I admittedly forgot to listen to the rest of the album after so long because I had this on constant repeat. So far my wife and dogs like it, so they’re allowing me to obsessively listen to it. I have a theory that this song opens up my chakras (didn’t know I was that crunchy, did you?). I should send it to one of those people who use sound vibrations to open chakras. I bet I’m right. This song embodies everything Pocket Vinyl is: the sound, the energy, and the talent. In fact, I’m going to listen to it again right now. Damn, this is such a great song.

Saloon Song: This song makes my heart flutter. I adore it. I grin whenever it comes on and immediately begin tapping my feet to it. Sometimes, when no one is looking, I pretend to play this song on my air piano. Only in my head I look like an old stop-film animation on fast forward. At just over a minute into the song, sometimes I even do the can-can. Teehee. Inevitably I lose my balance and return back to my super-Stevenson-like air piano playing.

Quiet Epiphany: I’m in awe and speechless with reverence for this song. This song is both beautiful and demanding of attention. Each time I listen to it I find myself turning off my thoughts, allow the song to seep into my ears and I succumb to it. I’m pretty sure to wean myself off of my addiction to A Little Joke I am going to start filling my veins with Quiet Epiphany.

Oh it’s killing me to cut back and not write about each song.  I promise you, every song on this album is a music consortium of sound. Check it out.

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Listen here:

About Pocket Vinyl (swiped from

Ok – their bio is insanely long on the site, so check it out if you want more info:

Pianist Eric Stevenson has appropriately described Pocket Vinyl as “Piano-slamming Rock”—a sound supported by a balance of bass, drums, harmonica, all topped off by passionate vocals.

The basics:

-Eric Stevenson slams on the piano and sings while Elizabeth Jancewicz paints on stage

-The paintings are sold every night to the highest bidder

-Eric and Elizabeth are married

-They’ve released their debut album “Protagonist” in 2010, which was enjoyed by many

-They’ve toured all around the north east, and will be touring nationally starting in Nov. 2011

-They originally hail from Western New York, specifically Houghton, NY

-They’re likable

Band members include:

Eric Stevenson – Piano/vocals/guitar/harmonica
Other rotating members include:
John Buteyn – Bass/producer
Henry Langston – Drums
Josh Walters – Drums
Elizabeth Jancewicz – Live Artist

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