Deadwood Floats – Provence EP

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Deadwood Floats’ EP is available for a ‘name your own price’ download on bandcamp. You can listen below.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Deadwood Floats. Their sound is truly innocently beautiful. I secretly want them to remain an understated splendor so I never have to fear they will be corrupted by the heartless music industry. At the same time, I want everyone to know about them. Just please, as listeners, don’t impose your mass-produced bullshit on their talent. I will kick your shins if you do!

Even though they have released a lot of songs previously, including those on Provence, their EP is a great leaping off point in conquering the world of sound. Having said that, instead of doing a quick review I’m going to steal the comments from their facebook page because I think their fans say it best. I hope their fans don’t mind. If you do, umm . . . my dog told me to do it (that bitch!).

First: A shout out to the Examiner who did a great review! Check it out here.

From their Facebook:


CQ:” I may have started to cry listening to your new EP because it is just so beautiful.”

SG: “its phenomenal, truly. keep making great music!”


JW: “Provence is killer. Absolutely fantastic.”

I could keep posting, but I’ll stop now. Hopefully you get the hint. You can’t beat the sound, the lyrics, nor the emotion.

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About Deadwood Floats (swiped from

Deadwood Floats is “a Columbus-based quartet of Ohio State University students who found some time away from their studies to make music—and delectable music, at that. What makes it so is the brew of instruments they render and their aerial harmonies, creating a sweet rendition of folk. At times, it’s melancholy, but never in a saddening way. Rather, they tweak their acoustics and fluctuate their voices so that there’s a delightful intricacy to be heard and understood.”

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