Introducing/Free Music: The Trouble With Templeton – 2 songs

Both songs are available via Bandcamp here.

I Wrote a Novel is an internally anguished melody cleverly written, both the lyrics and music. The song is dangerously pop-esque as it flirts with the ambitious creative genius of Thomas Calder (aka The Trouble With Templeton). Calder’s ability to maintain control over the song is reminiscent of many singer/songwriter greats who take years to capture the complexity that is found in I wrote a Novel.

Bleeders is an angst riddled forlorn song that reaches into my soul with its grated fingers and pulls my essence out replacing my gauntness with the song’s dirty grittiness. This song is a beautifully enchanting emotional tempest of lyrics and intonations.

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About The Trouble With Templeton (swiped from
The Trouble with Templeton is the moniker of Australian Singer/songwriter Thomas Calder. A unique blend of Alternative Folk, The Trouble With Templeton’s music is about honest feelings and emotional experiences. With a strong lyrical and melodic focus, each song commands attention with passionate and heartfelt sincerity. Thomas began writing as a young teenager and now at age 21 is releasing his debut album “Bleeders” This coming May.

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