Introducing/Free Music: Deadwood Floats

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13 songs for free on bandcamp below.

5 second review: Any band that titles their songs like a pulp-fiction 18th century novel is worth a listen. Some of their songs are like napping on freshly mowed grass on a sunny day and others are like staring out a window on a snow baked morning blanketed with fog. Deadwood Floats appeals to my longing for well-written lyrics, pulchritudinous arrangement of music, and graceful vocals (I just wanted to use the word “pulchritudinous”).

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(if you visit their facebook page you can also follow members’ Tumblr pages)

About Deadwood Floats (sneakily swiped from facebook/reverbnation):

Deadwood Floats is “a Columbus-based quartet of Ohio State University students who found some time away from their studies to make music–and delectable music, at that. What makes it so is the brew of instruments they render and their aerial harmonies, creating a sweet rendition of folk. At times, it’s melancholy, but never in a saddening way. Rather, they tweak their acoustics and fluctuate their voices so that there’s a delightful intricacy to be heard and understood.” – Hannah Cook, News and Live Reviews Editor (October 7, 2010)

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