jupiter_moll – The Tolerance

You know when you hear a band and every second you keep thinking, “OMG this sounds like so-and-so?” First off, I hate it when people do that so stop it now or I will bitch slap you into yesterday. Secondly, jupiter_moll is the combination of the best of all of those “sounds like…” moments. That statement sounds a bit difficult to swallow so if you don’t believe me just listen for yourself. I’m not going to review each and every song because there is too much to write for each one. I’d rather you listen for yourself and apply your own verbose dissections.

jupiter_moll is an artist first and foremost. The music on the latest album, The Tolerance, reflects his deep connection with the emotional turbulence of all that encompasses art. Any artist can tell you there’s a love/hate relationship with their art work. Creating a work of art is like having a full-fledged relationship with each piece of expression and jupiter_moll seems to be the type who likes to fall in love with his art. Each song on the album (and prior albums) is carefully crafted and formed into an amalgamation of jupiter_moll’s expectations. There are no retakes with the compilations. Each song has one attempt to fulfill its life-long expectation and because of this The Tolerance is an eclectic symphony of ambitious uniqueness.

The musical arrangements include a variety of instruments infused with everyday sounds such as children playing, birds, and wind. jupiter_moll’s lyrics and vocals fuse seamlessly into the enclave of the album’s sound. From ambient to hard guitar riffs, this album has it all. At times jupiter_moll’s vocals stress under the whispery back-up lyrics conflicting with the juxtaposition of the cacophony of synthesized sound, which makes me a little uneasy and yet thirsty for more. The complexity of the layers of each song means that each time I listen to them I hear something different. I’m not sure if it is my mood of the moment that affects his sound or even if that was the intention, but it surprises me that a song can transform with each new listen and overhaul my previous reaction.

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About jupiter_moll:

jupiter_moll hails all the way from Berlin. He’s a drawer, painter, sculpter, musician, and film maker. I suppose you could even throw in photographer. His sound is as complicated as his artwork. In his own words, “The things I record are only first takes. Much like painting pictures, I will never repeat them in the stage. When I play with my invited guys we try to succeed and fail togeher while performing the improvisation to make real time pop concerts.”

On a scale of should you buy it now or wait to find it at a yard sale: Not sure you will ever find it at yard sale. I would buy it and check out the other albums on bandcamp while you’re at it.

Check it out. Like it – buy it.

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