Anna Aaron – King of the Dogs EP

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Anna Aaron is offering 2 songs for free on Bandcamp below.

If you happen to follow me on twitter/facebook/ or even know me in real life then you’ve most likely heard about Anna Aaron. Chances are, you know I’m a bit obsessive about her. I knew Anna was working on a new album so I’ve been impatiently waiting for it. I have had nightmares at night that it was only going to be offered in Switzerland, like her previous album (that I had to wait 2 or so years to get my hands on). Thankfully her mangers are getting their shit together and finally posting things on the internet. THANK YOU TWO GENTLEMEN!

So about the two new songs:

King of the Dogs (Radio Edit) – well hello little rocker Anna Aaron. Nice to meet you. Like it. I won’t lie, at first I grimaced and wanted to stop listening. It came across a little more orchestrated then I’m used to with her sound. However, I refused to give up so easily. A few more listens into the song and I can’t stop listening to it. Catchy little fucker! (*shake my fist at the song*) If you know Anna’s music then you know this is a bit more pop than her other songs. It still holds on to the themes she writes about and it still captures the angst in her vocals. I like it and I won’t deny that I didn’t bop my head a few times to it. I like the piano, the beat and, damn I covet her vocals.

Fire Over the Forbidden Mountain -Thank God for this song! (If you listen to the song – that previous statement is rather ironic) This song bares the soul of Anna. To me this song is her siren to the world. As it opens it pulls you in and then it gets rolling. This song pummels you over breaking open your brain causing you to bleed out over the world around you and the whole time you’re smiling and loving it. It’s bluesy, folksy, and even a bit bluegrass/gospel soul. I think anyone who hears The King of the Dogs and then hears this one might be in for a little shock as the two aren’t exactly the same sound. Which, to me, is great. If you compare this song to her previous EP I think it shows Anna is developing her sound and still maintaining her essence. I don’t know how she pours herself into each of these songs without causing her own emotional death, but I am so glad she does it. She’s one of the few artists out there that is genuine and manages to take the listener with her into the depths of her music. Bravo.

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About Anna Aaron: (freshly swiped from

Anna Aaron (born ~1986, living in Basel, Switzerland) is a singer-songwriter and pianist known for her enchanting stage presence and her intense, often dark and dramatic songs somewhere between folk, pop and jazz.

For anyone who read all the way to the end: I fucking love Anna Aaron. Just thought you should know :) And one day I wish she would get her ass on Twitter.

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