So Said the Sun – Demo

NOTE: Even though this is just a demo the band is worth checking out. Great things to come as soon as they finish their album!

Demo free from Bandcamp/Soundcloud: (2 songs):

So Said the Sun is a band from the North Shore of Massachusetts that’s been receiving a lot of local hype. Currently there are 2 members, Justin Kelley and Carter Gray Shelter, who passionately strum their guitars and sing their souls out. The most amazing thing about this dual is that they are teens. They might not want me to write that but they are. This is quite an amazing demo for two guys still in high school.

Wait a Minute

What I like most about ‘Wait a Minute’ is the emotion behind the singing. The song eases in with a hurtful ending of a relationship but they won’t give up and walk away. They start banging on their guitars not willing to give up so easily on love lost. This song reflects that inner struggle of fighting for life through their lyrics, the strenuous rock vocals, and the unforgiving guitar voicing. Just when I think this is going to be another melancholic shoegazer, So Said the Sun ramps it up and banks on the intensity of what life really is as expressed through their lyrics and vocals. As soon as they get strumming and singing I feel like they are sitting in the room with me singing as if this break-up were fresh on their souls. As the song builds to climax, the awkwardness of the first “and” at 2:58 is quickly forgotten by the smooth transition of the higher-pitched second “and”. Carter’s guttural vocals juxtapose with the light soothing back-up vocals of Justin so well it sounds as if they’ve been playing in a band for years. They know when to fuse their vocals, provide the guitar support, and let the note linger like pros. When the two unite in the chorus it blends harmoniously, making me wonder what has led them to write such mournful lyrics as well as dumbfounding me that they are teenagers (sorry guys, don’t mean to harp on that).

My Way Out

Justin’s soft voice creates a very clear concise song. His ability to reach the higher pitches is a great contrast against Carter’s vocals in ‘Wait a Minute’. The most impressive aspect about this song is the lyrics; they are simple and clear. So Said the Sun captures what it means to be a teen living in a small New England town. This song is appealing in that I feel it actually embodies the hopeful naivete of their age and brilliantly so. While other young singers are out creating over-produced pop songs, So Said the Sun is saying “fuck that” that’s not reality and they don’t seem to care what people think. They are who they are. These lyrics are not verbose nor are they full of the typical bullshit angst-ridden themes that teens tend to harp on. So Said the Sun captures the simplicity of life in ‘My Way Out’ and it’s delicately charming for that.

Wait a Minute
Wait a Minute Demo by So Said the Sun

My Way Out
My Way Out Demo by So Said the Sun

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