Introducing/Free Music: Amber Wilson

Note: Amber is always updating her sites. If the downloads are not available, please consider buying the song(s) or check for other songs that might be available.

Free downloads are from Soundcloud:

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“Detlef Schrempf” is from Amber Wilson’s covers EP. If you don’t know the original than that’s your problem. I own the original and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever listen to it again now that I’ve heard this version. I feel bad but it is what it is. Amber kicks the song off with her super strumming moves. It’s great and warm and fuzzy. Between you and I it’s not her guitar playing that I love most about this song. What I like about this song her is voice. Her voice sounds amazingly sweet and delicate. When she pauses at 1:50 my heart literally stutters the moment she picks back up at 1:56. It’s an eloquently executed move. I’m not a fan of covers but this song converted me.

Detlef Schrempf cover by Amber Wilson

“Let Down” – She just posted Let Down to Soundcloud which prompted me to share with the world that everyone needs to check her out. I won’t lie, Let Down is fourth in my line for favorites. I think I’m biased over the simple elegance of  her other songs. Let Down is a little more pop with more dimensions. Listening to it is like listening through a kaleidoscope on a snowy winter day. The piano is gentle and embracing towards the last third of the song. I rarely like live shows but I would like to see this one live. I feel like she will successfully capture the somber feel on the stage that the last 20 seconds has. It is almost as if Amber is giving me a moment to sit and envelope the emptiness of life when you’ve been let down.
Let down by Amber Wilson

Quick blurb on the 2 songs from

Love will Tear Us Apart” and “An Affirmation“: Seriously, if you don’t listen to these songs and think she has the sweetest voice out there then you might be some sort of freak of nature. I would recommend going to you doctor and having your ears checked out. Her voice is clear, crisp and sweeter than caramel. The simple acoustical accompaniment with her vocals in An Affirmation creates a delicate tone that makes me wonder if she would shatter in a million pieces if I don’t fully appreciate the song. Love Will Tear Us Apart is a cover from her covers EP. Again, it is very sweet and elegant. I know, I know, by now if you aren’t listening you’re probably begging me to use a different adjective than sweet. But her voice is so hush yourself. When she sings Love Will Tear Us Apart I feel as if she’s teetering on the edge of a breeze whispering the song to everyone below. What I just wrote sounds amazingly corny but it’s surprising true. Maybe I’m just corny. I’m ok with that.

About Amber Wilson (from her page)

Amber Wilson is a singer-songwriter based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her favourite things are tea, scrabble and Fionn Regans first album. She started writing songs at age 9, after her first hamster “Harry” died. Amber has an EP available on itunes called “This is my EP” and has just finished recording a covers EP.

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photo by Sam Brill

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