Natalia Kills – Activate My Heart

Track Listing:
1. Activate My Heart

Activate My Heart: The second buzz single from Natalia Kills incorporates a radically different musical style than her previous buzz single, ‘Zombie’. ‘Activate My Heart’ is a slow tempo, almost ballad like conceptual piece, written from the point of view of a robot. While focusing on the theme of love, this song shows off Natalia’s vocals much better, due to the lack of auto tune on this song. The lyrics of the song are less repetitive during the chorus, and the metaphors of robots and electronic equipment are very intricate, showcasing her gifted abilities as a writer. The use of orchestral influences provides something more to this song, as does the background synths with a dark edge, together creating more than just a standard R&B track, but giving off a more well rounded sense of the gifted artist in question.

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