Wow, talk about a film to get the synapses firing! Christopher Nolan has created yet another mind bending masterpiece that’s just as, if not more, challenging than Memento. Inception is a story of sci-fi espionage where dreams can be infiltrated and Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter Island, Body of Lies) plays the infiltrator, Cobb; a man who can enter your mind whilst you sleep and extract valuable secrets and information. However, a wealthy and powerful man asks him this time to do the opposite.

Nolan has spent the best part of the last decade writing this story, and after watching it, it’s no surprise. The complexity is immense, and as far as I can see, flawless. It pains me to say that there are echoes of The Matrix in this movie, but thankfully these echoes bounce away and you are left with something far more believable and thought provoking.

DiCaprio, as he so often does, shines in his role. I’ve always found him to be convincing and his character is of no exception. Cobb is a man of great focus, yet you always see the underlying struggle against his own demons. He is supported by a team who accompany him through the dreamscapes, each who have their own essential role to make everything run smoothly, and each have been extremely well cast to play these diverse personalities. I was especially happy to see the very talented Tom Hardy (Bronson, RocknRolla) who plays the sarcastic Brit Eames, whose digs at Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Third Rock from the Sun, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, (500) Days of Summer) is a great and subtle comic relief. Inception is also visually impressive. There are moments of grandeur special effects that are so completely seamless that it’s easy to forget it’s not real and goes towards making the whole idea of the film believable.

It’s been some time since a film has been released that requires its audience to rub their brain cells together, and this one is big enough to fill over any gaps. Days after viewing, it still stays with me as I was not only left with questions about the film, but also myself.


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